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Hi there! I'm Jennifer Milne. Founder and Principle Artist for DeCourcy Design.

Welcome to my boutique of unique and original products. All designs are mine, inspired by the world around me. I find inspiration in the most amazing places. I see the world in vivid color. I see a sketch in everything and aspire for my art to make people happy.

I've loved art all my life. I have great memories of painting with my Dad when I was just a little girl. At school, I hand painted T-shirts and sold them at a local boutique. I've hand painted earrings, furniture, faces, walls and more than a few canvases... You name it! I just can't stop painting.

Life gets in the way of our dreams and passions sometimes though, and I became a nurse, which I'd argue is a different type of art altogether. And now, after a long career caring for others, I've reconnected with my creativity and fallen in love with art all over again. Thus DeCourcy Design was born.

Why DeCourcy? DeCourcy is my family name, passed down through the generations, the name can be traced back to the 1100's, representing my heritage and it means a lot to me.

Art has few rules. I can be serious when I'm in the mood, and sometimes I can be fun, colorful and quirky (and a little bit cheeky ;-). I try not to take myself too seriously. I like to think that my art reflects that. I paint with acrylic, gouache, watercolour, and digital art. Then I choose products you'll love and print my art all over them.

Our business model:

DeCourcy Design offers original and exclusive made to order products, which essentially means, that when you make your purchase, the product is made specifically for you. It does not exist in a dusty factory somewhere, it is made specially for you, reducing environmental impact, significantly cutting down on the waste of paper, ink, and production materials.

DeCourcy Design works with industry leading manufacturers with a commitment to sustainability to provide quality products. Reducing overproduction by only producing the product upon order, reducing carbon footprint and saving resources.

If you like to feel good about the things that you buy and sustainability is a factor in your buying process, look no further than DeCourcy Design. You are not only making a greener choice, but supporting a small business.

I love to surround myself with beautiful things and things that make me smile. Chances are, if you are here, You do too.

Please enjoy my collection of beautiful things.

Ps: If You'd Like Something Specific, A Different Colour, Or A Specific Design On A Different Product, Let Me Know, I Can Make It Happen.